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Quality Time Left


If you're on this website that means you found a sticker somewhere In the wild. 

I may or may not be alive.

You can keep on checking out my website or check back in 40 days.

More on that later.

  Thank you for checking out my website and taking your curiosity to the next step. There Is a link below, for you to tell me where and how you found my sticker! 

The story behind the sticker: 

There are two different paths and visions I have for this sticker. There is the curiosity factor behind the sticker. I want to prompt people to think about what this is and see where your curiosity takes you. Do you follow up and see where it originates? Or do you look at it, and then continue your journey and neglect your Inquiry?

 The second path that the sticker symbolizes is that of a memory, a stamp of my existence. It is important to me that I leave my mark on the places I have been, and the people who have shaped me while having an outlet for my creative thoughts.